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Home Staging

Home Staging

Home Staging sometimes called House Doctor services, will help you to market your property better. It allows the buyer to visualise living within the property and helps tap into the buyer’s emotion when they see an environment that is inspiring.

According to leading property web portals Mouceprice and Homegain:

  • Over 80% of viewers cannot visualise a property’s potential
  • Professionally staged homes sell for up to 15% more than the competition
  • Home staging will deliver over 250% Return on Investment
  • Buyers make decisions based on emotions
  • Buyers make up their minds (subconsciously) within the first 60 seconds

There is never second opportunity to make a good first impression. When selling houses home styling really does count.

Home Staging

Home Staging in Manchester and Cheshire

A home is generally one of the most expensive assets we own. As such it makes sense to ensure that when it comes to selling; we invest a small amount in home styling, to make sure that it stands out above the competition, so that we attract as many potential buyers as possible and to ensure we get the best selling price.

On average it is best to budget between 0.5% and 3% of your property price on preparing it for sale. With some good advice and a bit of work, this figure can be reduced.

We offer a flexible service to suit your requirements and budget.

Increase the value of your home and sell it quickly. Contact us now and find out how.

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