Making the Most of Your Property for Sale or Rental

Five Key Benefits for Staging Your Property

Making your property stand out in a competitive market is so important. Staging your home with the correct furniture can have a significant impact on the time it takes to rent or sell your property. First impressions are important and can’t be changed, so getting it right is essential. Below we highlight five benefits from staging your property.

  1. Sell or rent your property promptly

It’s as simple as that. According to leading property websites Mouseprice:

  • Over 80% of viewers cannot visualise a property’s potential
  • Professionally staged homes sell for up to 15% more than the competition
  • Home staging will deliver return on Investment

There is never second opportunity to make a good first impression. When selling houses home staging really does count.

  1. Don’t reduce the price!

If the property isn’t moving, then it’s tempting to reduce the sale or rental price. People can be reluctant to stage a property, often succumbing to a drop in sale or rental price for a quicker transaction. Staged homes sell for about 6% more on average. To get the best price for your property it needs to look its best!

  1. Create demand.

Property staging is a powerful tool, rather than hoping you get a buyer with a great ability to visualise living spaces why not create a real wow factor?  Staging can transform empty rooms into an aspirational home that people really want to live in. Make sure you leave a lasting impression on the buyer. With exceptional space planning, and furniture, accessories and a few interior design skills, a staged house can radiate the feeling of home that is inspiring, welcoming and memorable.

  1. Create an environment which mentally engages a prospective buyer or tenant so they can visualise themselves living in the property

The purpose of staging a home is to give the property an identity, to be aspirational, to ‘paint the picture’ of what enjoyment would come from living in the space. When a property is staged, it becomes a viable home to all potential tenants and buyers. Effective home staging allows people to imagine the life they would live there and creates ideas in their mind of how it would feel once they moved in, whilst answering functional questions about how furniture and spaces would work.

  1. Highlight features and hide the faults.

Most properties have good points and bad points, key features and problem areas.  Professionally staged properties draw the buyers’ attention away from objectionable areas, whilst subtly creating an effortless flow towards key features. Good staging can often turn unsightly ‘faults’ into attractive features.

To visualise how proper staging and furnishings make a home more marketable, look at the below before and after images provided by Jan Carter, interior designer at Kharis & Kale Interiors who specialises in staging property for rental or sale.

Original property interior
Original interior
After property staging
After property staging

Jan Carter, Interior Designer and Managing Director of Kharis & Kale Interiors comments:

“Property is generally one of the most expensive assets we own. As such it makes sense to ensure that when it comes to selling; we invest in home staging, which will ensure your property stands out above the competition, this will attract as many potential buyers as possible and secure the best-selling price.”

Furniture and accessories make a huge difference. Despite your best efforts or circumstances, you may not have the right knowhow or furniture to help your property shine!

If you’re looking to sell or rent your property quick and efficiently home staging is essential!  Please feel free to contact Kharis & Kale Interiors regarding home staging and furniture rental. Call 0161 282 8899 or email us