Interior Design Trends – What to look out for in 2020

Connect with Nature!

Biophilia is the love of living things and nature, which some people believe humans are born with. It focuses on human’s attraction to nature and natural processes. Biophilic design is a concept adopted within the building and Interior industries to increase an inhabitant’s connection to the natural environment through the use of nature, space and surroundings.

“Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important. Theorists, research scientists, and design practitioners have been working for decades to define aspects of nature that most impact our satisfaction with the built environment.” (Ref:

In 2020 the ongoing trend for natural materials, plants, foliage and floral designs looks set to flourish. A key design trend due to help us get closer to nature is wallpaper. Wallpaper will continue to be big business in 2020 with bold striking prints, specifically large bolder greens representing a full repertoire of birds, shrubs, trees, plants and animals.

Also expect to see bold graphic wallpapers with structured and ordered designs. Large scale Mural design wallpaper is also set to be big in 2020.

Interior Design Trends

Back to Black

Black is back. It’s never truly been away however in 2020 we’ll see designers using black in abundance, throwing away their fears of it making spaces look dark and dingy by using large areas of black that’s counterbalanced by the use of white, neutral tones and clever design to create stunning, on trend interiors.

The resurgence of Crittall style glazing lends its self effectively to the demand for carefully balanced interiors using black. The structured black framed Crittall style windows, doors and partitions continue to be a popular solution for designers and alike. The black imposing frames provide a bold statement whilst allowing natural light to flow through, particularly useful as internal partitions within a room to add impact whilst not overpowering or restricting of natural light.

Whether in a hotel as stylish room partitioning, a shower screen in an apartment bathroom or stunning windows in a store, this statement black metal framed glazing is set to be a common fixture in interior design solutions in 2020.

Interior trends 2020

Show your Curves

2020 looks set to step back a hundred years to relive the early days of art deco with an influx of curves, smooth contours and wavy lines. Look out for curved furniture, contoured sofas and chairs.

Jan Carter, Interior Designer and Managing Director of Kharis & Kale Interiors comments:

“Curves and contours help to disrupt straight and structured interiors; we see many home interiors overpowered by harsh lines. Sometimes a simple curved piece of furniture, a contoured sofa or a round mirror will work wonders to help soften an interior space.”

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