2021 interior trends to consider for your next property renovation

2021 interior trends

The last year has been one of change for everyone and more people are spending a significant amount more time in their homes. This has led to a surge in the desire to make changes, to make homes more comfortable, more practical for home working, and a flexible space for the whole family so that members have their own space to work or relax in.

When renovating properties to sell it is worth thinking about trends in the market that may have an effect on the sale. Here are some trends worth thinking about for your next development this year.

White Kitchens

According to Houzz one of the most searched for images on their platform last year was for white kitchens. There seems to be a move away from grey. White is thought of as pure and clean so it could be a result of the pandemic that has drawn so many to search for white kitchens. They are certainly worth considering for any new renovation. White is neutral and will appeal to many, teamed with some natural wood tones either on the door furniture or the floors using wood, vinyl, or wooden style tiles. It will provide a natural and calm feel to the space appealing to the majority.

White kitchens

Nature inspired warm colours

The colour trend this year is a warm earthy palette with, umber, terracotta, golden ochre with lots of greens and navy. The neutrals are going back to a beige palette with warm undertones. Warm white and beige tones team well with a warm earthy palette of colour.

Choose white and warm white paints (but not brilliant white as it has a cool hue) for the walls for a warm and neutral backdrop. Warm or natural tones for the flooring too. Greige (light taupe) carpet colour is a good choice as it goes well both with grey and beige.

Grey is still a trend this year but there is a move to the warmer tones too much grey can be depressing, just take a look out the window on a rainy day!

White painted room

Flexible spaces

Open-plan spaces are great and provide fantastic social areas for the whole family to gather. However, in times when the family is spending so much more time together, then individual space is sought after for working or relaxing. Having a space that is flexible and can accommodate both these requirements will add a premium to your development. This can be done by simply adding bi-folding or pocket sliding doors to an open plan space which will provide the ability to have one open plan area or two spaces when the need arises.

Room Divider doors

Smarter Homes

I am sure many of you have started incorporating smart technology into your developments but if you have not, then now is the time to consider it. As more people are reliant on smart devices smarter home technology is becoming a requirement. Demonstrating you have incorporated smart technology will add a premium. It is these details that matter in our technology-reliant society. I recently saw a 1970's renovation that had incorporated ethernet points as there was so much concrete in the building which is no friend to WiFi. Now that is adding value.

Smart Home Technology