10 easy ways to sell your home quickly

Selling your home is a bit of a dating game, a little like online dating; you are competing with a lot of people, you all want to obtain the best result in the fastest time possible. So you carefully craft your profile and put forward the best photos you can find (even if they are a few years old) and hope thHome-Staging-Blogat Mr or Mrs Right will notice you among the hundreds of others all using similar tactics. When you do secure that date with Mr or Ms potentially fabulous, you prepare and invest in yourself. Maybe you spend a bit of money on a new outfit, get a haircut and spend a bit more time getting ready. After all first impressions count.

A home is probably one of the biggest investments you have and when it comes time to moving on many of us just have a quick spring clean and rely on the estate agent to earn their fees and work their magic.

Estate agents understand the local market; they have potential clients on their books and can market your property, advise you and get people through the door however they cannot physically present the home for sale this task is down to the homeowner.

Did you know?

  • 80% of viewers cannot visualise the potential of a property
  • over 60% of buyers would pay more for a property if it looked ready to move into

The décor in your home is individual to you and most of us like to stamp our mark. You may love the vibrant colour choices you have made however if they are not the viewers preference 80% of those people will not be able to visualise living in your home as their own. In order to sell your home quickly and for the best price possible, the first thing you need to do is to start treating your property as an asset and let go of the emotion of living in it.

Home Staging focuses on preparing your property for sale making it as welcome and appealing as possible to the widest range of viewers.

Ten Home Staging tasks for a quick property sale

1. Create Kerb appeal – tidy your garden area, weed and cut hedges back, put out some colourful window boxes, give your front door and gate a fresh coat of paint, clean your windows.
2. Tidy the entrance hallway - Ensure the flooring is plain and neutral, change the carpet if necessary
3. Paint all rooms and hallways in a neutral colour palette – buyers love a freshly painted home
4. Introduce a little colour and textile to give the home warmth and appeal with throws and cushions. Which you can take with you when you move.
5. De –clutter and de personalise - store away any collections you have; pottery, medals, awards, dolls, books, DVDs CDs. Leave only a select amount out for essential decoration.
6. Deep clean – Hire a cleaner if you don’t want to do this yourself to clean; grout, tops of cupboards, inside cupboards, carpets etc.
7. Replace any patterned, dark coloured or worn carpets with a plain and neutral one.
8. Replace old bathroom fittings and if you have a coloured suite consider replacing this for a white one, this can be done on quite a small budget.
9. If your kitchen is dated consider replacing or painting the door fronts and replacing the worktop.
10. Create space by changing room layouts and getting rid of unwanted furniture or put some furniture in storage.

It may seem like a lot of work but staging a home can give you a 250% return on your investment. The cost of preparing your property for sale will always be less than the first price reduction you make if you cannot find a buyer.

If you want further help and advice with staging your home for sale  visit our Home Staging page here or contact us now for a chat and see how we can help